About Us

Our Vision

In Branvee, our vision is to build the leading online fashion e-commerce
in the Middle East where we connect our customers with foreign and local brands, Fashion designers, and art makers that they don't have access to, all in one platform.
We aim to change the fashion eco-system in the MENA countries by enriching the market with different styles, high quality, and unique pieces and give our customers many varieties to choose from at affordable prices with an easy, fast, and smooth customer experience starting from the first click till receiving the item.
We help the international brands reaching an emerging
fashion market like the Middle East as well as empowering the national
brands and creative art makers to deliver their values and artistic
sense through their products to wider customer segments.

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around customer satisfaction, striving to provide the finest personalized service tailored to individual styles. We are dedicated to competing by consistently delivering unparalleled
experiences that meet our customers' expectations.

More About You


Evaluate the products on Branvee with honest reviews for the entire shopping experience in every possible way.

Shared interactive content

Including competitions, challenges, and various activities that add diversity and excitement to the mix, enhancing the overall experience.

Ideas and suggestions

Full support with new ideas and suggestions related to fashion and everything that women care about

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