Order Cancellation Policy


The purpose of this document is to describe the conditions and fees applicable to order cancellations.

The intent of this policy is to recover all reasonable costs associated with customers cancelling orders. This policy is not intended to contradict any local or national laws or regulations that might stipulate customers' rights to cancel orders. If local or national laws prescribe conditions under which customers may cancel orders, those local or national laws shall prevail.


MTS (Make-To-Stock) products: MTS products are held in inventory. BRANVEE maintains a list of all MTS products. Any product not on this list is an MTO product.

MTO (Make-To-Order) products: MTO products are only made when a customer order requires the product.


Orders, once acknowledged by BRANVEE, may not be cancelled without express written authorization by BRANVEE. If and when authorized, the following cancellation fees may apply:


This Order Cancellation policy applies when the customer cancels all or part of an order after order acceptance and acknowledgement from BRANVEE but before shipment of goods or execution of services.

Orders Cancelled After Shipment will be treated as a “Return” with all applicable fees. Refer to the Product Return Policies & Procedures in the European Business Documents Database.

Orders which are Refused at Delivery may be assessed an order cancellation fee, a re-stocking fee and/or other applicable fees.

Order Cancellations by BRANVEE Affiliates to other BRANVEE entities is a different process and out of scope of this policy.