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7 different types of jeans to choose between them


jeans 7 different types to choose from them

We fascinated the fashion of jeans with everything new daily, every day new models, distinctive colors, different details, and on Despite the beauty of changes and renewal that occurs in the field of fashion, this may sometimes cause confusion and frustration when buying and shopping! Even jeans turned from just "jeans" to many species, shapes and colors, and it is no longer easy as before.

You may have your favorite trousers over time you wear in all exits and occasions, and treat them as "Joker" because it is because it is Multi -use, but this may show you an unpleasant appearance at times, and the question here is: How do you choose the right jeans for you?

For us, women are jeans, a basic piece in the cupboard, cannot be dispensed with, suitable for work, university, for the club, for interviews of friends, It can even be used and coordinated in evening parties and evening exits, so its choice must be careful.

First Step to buy suitable jeans: < /Span> Knowing your body shape , And you can know more here, knowing your body shape, whether it is a joke, a sandy watch, an apple, or a straight, the deniming trousers suits you if you are long, and the narrow jeans show you more length, as well From the right choice.

How do you choose the right jeans according to your body shape?
 How do you choose the right jeans according to your body shape?-7 different types of jeans
  • If you are a rectangular body, choose low-medium jeans in its different light colors. Darkly, completely avoid wide jeans because it will show you unpleasant.
  • If you are an apple body, choose wide or rectal jeans, this makes your body more consistent.
  • If you are a sandy body, choose what you want, then all kinds suit you.
  • If you are a pear body, choose high or wide medium jeans, and stay away from the tight jeans because it will make you more full.
  • different types of jeans

    Skinny Jean
     Skinny Jean -7 different types of jeans

    A known type and spread in the markets for nearly 20 years and suitable for the graceful body, and it has two high-medium-medium-medium-medium-medium-sliced ​​types Ordinary.

     MOM FIT JEANS - 7 different types of jeans

    This type has spread recently and is one of the most suitable species for the pear body owners, because it shows the waist more thin.

    Boyfriend Jeans
     Boyfriend Jeans - 7 different types of jeans

    This type appeared in almost 2015 and became a feature of fashion in recent periods, is considered an elegant pants and its shape becomes distinctive when wearing it with wide shirts .

    Straight jeans
     straight jeans-7 different types of jeans

    The spread of this type began as a substitute for narrow knife jeans, which is suitable for the owners of the apple body and the sandy clock, as well as it can be coordinated and used in evening parties.

    Jeans Charleston jeans
     Charlestone jeans-7 different types of jeans

    The return of the fashion of the sixties and seventies again, and this pants is one of the most important fashion trends in 2022 because it appears strongly in Zimmermann's fashion shows.

    Wide leg jeans
     Wide leg jeans-7 different types of jeans

    This pants are characterized by wide and short legs, suitable for talls, and the owners of the sandy watch and the apple, and make them the balance they prefer.

    Baggy Jeans

    of the species that appeared in the past in the late 1990s and still exists, but it has become less widespread, it is characterized by containing many front, side and rear pockets.

    We mentioned to you the most important types, and we remind you of choosing between them according to your need, body shape, and comfort, in the end do not follow fashion without looking at what suits you.


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